Join a creative team at the bleeding edge of immersive technology

We are looking for forward-thinking artists and developers to help us build interesting projects using a variety of technologies in the immersive space.

Engineer – Unity Endpoint

  • Programming prowess in C#
  • Working solo or in teams as needed
  • Experience with mobile AR & VR plugins and limitations
  • Coding features to add into a much larger code base
  • Experience working within Agile & Scrum based management systems
  • Working with other leads, clients, and business developers
  • Knowledge on how to prevent scope creep in projects
  • Development within Agile, Scrum, Kanban based teams
  • Scoping programming features
  • [Bonus] Expertise in setting up and working with Plastic SCM
  • [Bonus] Native iOS/Android to Unity plugin creation
  • [Bonus] Any C++, AI, Bitcoin, Backend, or Visual Learning System Experience
  • [Bonus] Experience working with clients and business developers
  • [Bonus] Secondary skills in Design, Production, or Art

Lead 3D Artist – Client Projects

  • 3D art generalist prowess
  • Experience leading artists in multi-disciplinary teams
  • Expertise in Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, and Animation workflows
  • Comfortable working in Unity3D with art assets
  • Experience leading a team of artists to create client projects
  • Scoping art features within Agile, Scrum, Kanban based teams
  • Experience establishing art style guides when given a theme and tone
  • Performing art reviews to hit quality targets
  • Experience storyboarding UI/UX
  • Understanding of mobile AR/VR limitations and features
  • [Bonus] 2D generalist skills in the Adobe Suite of applications
  • [Bonus] Expertise with creating shaders for Unity3D
  • [Bonus] Expertise with High-Poly & Photogrammetry cleanup for mobile AR/VR

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