CrapsVR: Now Available for HTC Vive on Valve’s Steam platform

It’s been quite the ride to get to this point. After developing a touchscreen Vegas-style craps game on the Android platform years ago, we found we were able to take our same robust logic engine and apply it to a VR environment with ease. After applying a whole heck of a lot knowledge about 3D environments and physics, we’re finally ready to unleash our first VR product into the world!

Experience realistic Vegas action of CrapsVR: Strap on your headset, place bets, take odds, and throw some dice. Get ready to experience the most authentic craps simulator in VR.

  • Fast-paced casino action!
  • Vegas odds for all bets!
  • Test out your new betting strategies before you head to Vegas!
  • Realistic casino environment!

Visit Steam to learn more and purchase: