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A fully immersion VR experience that drops you into a casino to play the Vegas-style craps!. CrapsVR is available for HTC Vive and Oculus Touch. Visit for more information.

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Wifi Media Sync

Easily move files to and from your PC and your phone, tablet, or TV! Wifi Media Sync is available for Android phones, tablets, and Amazon Fire TV. Visit for more information.

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All-star Fielding Challenge VR

Test your baseball fielding skills in this realistic virtual reality baseball simulator.
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Software Consulting

We have over 20 years of experience providing our clients with the best solutions to their needs. No matter what the challenges you face, we can help. Contact us below.

About us

8-bit Development builds mobile and VR software
Mobile Virtual Reality Web Consulting

8-bit development LLC is a digital publisher and software consulting firm located out of Phoenix, Arizona, that specializes in mobile and VR applications. With over 8 years of publishing games and apps, our in-house apps have been dowloaded over a million copies across Android, IOS, Mac, Steam, Oculus, PlayStation Store and Windows platforms. Our first VR game, CrapsVR, explores the possibilities of what a full VR casino experience can be. The game is currently being ported to Sony's PlaystationVR (PSVR) platform and should be available by May. Our latest VR game, Baseball Challenge VR, a baseball fielding simulator has just been accepted into the Steam Store and will be available by April 1st. Our consulting services provide a range of solutions focusing on mobile and web platforms to a wide variety of clients ranging from call centers to medical start-ups. We are a Microsoft-centric company that focuses on Microsoft server-side technologies (.NET, SQL Server, Azure) and native mobile solutions on iOS (Objective-C) and Android (Java) to provide the solutions our clients need.

  • IOS - Objective-C/Swift
    Android - Java

  • Oculus
    HTC Vive

  • MVC

  • SQL Server

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